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Nutrition Management

Providing Private Consultancy

Corporate Consultants

Providing Corporate Consultancy

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Nutrition Management

Areas of Interest

Growth monitoring and education,breastfeeding and formula feeding guidelines,complementary feeding and introduction of solids, overweight and obesity, cerebral palsy, PEGs, allergies,surgery, HIV and AIDS picky eaters and food aversions
Head and neck surgery, GIT surgery, colectomy, esophagectomy, PEGs, stomas
Vegetable garden, policy and legislature, food parcels and grants, group health education,cultural appropriate foods
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Type 1 and type 2 diabetes, ketoacidosis, diabetes counselling, pre-diabetes counselling and weight management, gestational diabetes

Menu planning and guidelines for weight maintenance, weight loss or weight gain, preparation for surgery, post surgery, vegetarian and plant based menus, diabetic menus


Corporate Consultants

Employee Wellness Programs

I can provide companies consultations on product production, branding, labelling and marketing of wellness products, services and foods.

I have experience in hosting health education talks for corporate wellness days.

Providing health audits on staff helps develop a healthier environment and better corporate image.

Developing a healthier office space is vital in the modern world for productivity, energy and staff happiness.

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Media and Public Speaking

Content Writing

As a registered Dietitian I have a an intricate knowledge on health, nutrition and general wellbeing.

Public Speaking

I have had various opportunities to master my craft at events and seminars.

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I have an extensive knowledge on health and nutrition topics and can speak on radio, television and podcasts.

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