About Tselane

My mission

Using scientific evidence to empower people to make healthier lifestyle changes not only from a nutrition perspective but mentally, physically, and spiritually as well. To be of help to all those I have worked with in some way, shape or form

My values

I value respect, effective communication, and a good work ethic. I pride myself in loyalty and integrity and trying to be compassionate in all that I do. Above all, personally, I value my time and space. My health including mental, emotional, and spiritual health is just as important as anything else in life. If your mind is not in the right place, it’s hard to give 100%.

My passions

Professional restaurant hopper, I love trying new places, looking at their menus and recommending places to people. It’s more than just food, it’s how they serve, the service, aesthetics, and the experience. I enjoy traveling, immersing myself in new cultures, learning their ways of life and collecting pieces of myself in those places. I enjoy my quiet and leisure time as this is where I get to recentre, refocus, and realign myself. I’m also a fan of releasing good endorphins by singing and dancing around the house to my heart’s content!