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About me as a dietitian and educator in South Africa

Hello Good Humans! I’m Tselane Ramothata a Registered Dietitian in South Africa and the United Kingdom. I completed my BSc in Dietetics at the University of Stellenbosch and completed my one-year community service in rural KwaZulu Natal. I then worked at a food and beverage company for a few years and now expanding my skill sets as a clinical dietitian in the UK.

Why I do this

I’m passionate about EMPOWERING people to make the best decisions and choices they can make when it comes to their health and lifestyle by educating, promoting optimal nutrition, and using evidence-based sources. As Nelson Mandela the first democratic president of South Africa said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and in that I believe once equipped with the knowledge and tools about nutrition, living a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle comes naturally.

I enjoy working with all scopes of patients as I’m always motivated to learn something new and expand my knowledge, however some of my special interests include paediatrics, renal, food politics, mental health, surgery and ICU.

As dietitians I believe it is our duty to amplify voices of the marginalised as our profession exposes us to people of all walks of life. I am a huge advocate for mental health as it intersects with how food impacts our day-to-day lifestyle. I love championing people to embrace their cultural foods and lifestyles as you shouldn’t change what you enjoy because of western food standards.


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